Will Sherlund – Top Reasons for You to Learn Martial Arts

Martial arts have become popular across the world. There are millions of people learning various techniques of martial arts for self-defense, form, and fitness. If you are considering to learn martial arts for yourself or your children, it is one of the best decisions you can make for life.


Will Sherlund is the Founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets having extensive training and experience in martial arts and other self-defense techniques like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga. He is from New Jersey in the USA and trains students from all backgrounds. He says that if you have decided to learn martial arts, you are indeed making a very good choice. Learning martial arts will give you the following benefits-


  • Increases your self-worth and confidence- With martial arts, you are able to boost your self-image and mental strength. You can improve your self-worth and excel in other areas of your life as well. The same holds true for your child as well. Martial arts improve both mental and physical faculties that go a long way in improving your life.


  • Overall body fitness and workouts- In order to practice and pursue martial arts, you need to be flexible and fit. When you join martial art classes, you are able to boost your physical fitness levels and stamina. You improve the flexibility of the body and can keep obesity and disease away. You should introduce your child to martial art classes at an early age. Kids that learn martial arts at a young age are able to improve in life better than those who do not practice any form of martial arts, sports, or exercise at all.


  • Improved mind-body coordination- Martial arts involves a lot of props and other tools. This helps you to boost mind-body coordination, especially when you are fighting with another person. Besides the above, the overall awareness of a person improves. You become more aware of the objects and the people around you when you are engaged in combat.


  • Reduce blood pressure- Those people that practice martial arts regularly have reduced blood pressure. Their heart rates are also less. Due to high-intensity exercises, those that practice martial arts daily have reduced cholesterol, controlled insulin, and blood sugar levels. Martial art participants are able to improve their health without the need for weight training or cardio exercises at the gym.


Ideal for women who need to protect themselves


He says that women, too, are now learning martial arts to protect themselves against perpetrators, especially when they travel alone. There are several techniques of martial arts that you can learn. Never rush into any technique without research. Learn as much as you can about them so that you can make an informed choice with success!


As per Will Sherlund when you learn martial arts, you will become a self-defense expert. He says that knowing martial arts does not mean you should be the first to start a fight. The contrary is actually true. Martial art practitioners generally avoid fights, and they only will use their skills when faced with combat or potential danger.