Part One — Summer Movies – Entertainment Or just Business?

As a movie strong, especially a fan of action, the beginning of May is an exciting time: All of the summer blockbusters hit the multiplexes. I recently enjoy the movie going experience so much that we even drive a long distance, sometimes up to 45 miles, to go to a movie theatre where I will get the optimal sound and picture for the movie I want to see. Now, living in the Los angeles community, it’s not very hard to find a theatre nearby, but everything has to be perfect for this season for me. There’s only one problem The films themselves!

It seems as if The movies has forgotten the old phrase “quality over quantity. inch Producers and movie companies believe that the more they dedicate to a movie, the better it will be. One of definitely the action movies of all time is El Mariachi, and that cost what, maybe about $5 and a bag of peanuts to make?? Yes, I love the technology and CGI that is being used in some movies today, but that doesn’t cut it. Hello!? Speilberg!? You wait 19 years for a new Indianapolis Jones movie and it’s this that you give us? Can i put in my election? No need for Indie 5!

Look, it’s not that I’m upset at these companies and just start putting in negative reviews as a result of my overall disappointment. On the contrary, I happen to have loved a few movies I have seen recently, like Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda. But do you see my point? Disney or Pixar or Dreamworks — they all know what the viewers want still with animation, but live action movies? We’ll be lucky to get anything that’s one step above The Incredible Hulk, Hancock, Zohan, Meet Gaga (wow! ), The Chronicles of Narnia: King Caspian… must i go on (Iron Man has been the only exemption this summer)?

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