When it comes to starting a business, not all cities are equal. For this reason, it is paramount that aspiring entrepreneurs exercise extreme caution when choosing the cities in which to set up their companies. In a recently published article, business afficionado Brian Ferdinand emphasizes that three cities in particular should be high on any serious entrepreneur’s list: Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.


According to Brian Ferdinand, who is the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, Los Angeles is known for its advancement and excellence in television, movies, and aerospace. In addition, it is widely recognized as the United States’ creative capital.

If you plan to start a business in the area of technology or design in particular, then Los Angeles may especially be the perfect home for your new company. More than 30,000 people in the city currently work in software publishing and computer system design, so you’ll find plenty of support and a strong market in these areas.

The city is also a force to be reckoned with in the area of apparel design/manufacturing, as more than 80,000 people work in these areas. In fact, Los Angeles County ranks first nationwide in employment in apparel manufacturing.


New York is also a standout in entrepreneurial circles, especially in the finance industry, in that it features the biggest stock market in the world. The Big Apple is also a leader when it comes to worldwide market trends in just about every other business industry as well as politics.

Another aspect of the city that makes it attractive to businesspeople is the efficiency and speed of the city’s transportation infrastructure. With various services and routes, the city offers you flexible options for getting from point A to point B while staying “green.”


If you’re passionate about innovation, San Francisco is a no-brainer for your entrepreneurial efforts. That’s because the city is the world’s technology and innovation capital. In fact, just about every technology company considers this inspirational mecca in Northern California to be their home, Ferdinand explains in the recent article.

The city, however, also boasts diversity and a passion for education. As a result, if you set up your business in the city, you can expect to access a highly desirable pool of job candidates for your new venture. And in no time, you can be well on your way to launching a passion-fueled business that will flourish in the years ahead.


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